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Our tips for you
on how to write your ads
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The Tips on writing your ad

1. One or more photos

The first contact with visitors qu'auront your ad will be a photo or photos of the item you sell.
It is advisable to put a photo or photos of your object.
An ad with photo is viewed 7 times more than an ad without a photo!
It also gives a first idea of ??the state of your object.

- A proper object is always more attractive.
- Heal the quality of the photo. (Not too dark)
- Frame the object so that it is visible.
- Avoid photos 'fuzzy'

2. Clear and detailed

After carefully preparing the photos of the item you sell.
Now you need to write the ad.

- Avoid language 'SMS', it is imperative that the announcement is clearly visible.
Otherwise, you lose your chance to sell spare parts.

- The title in uppercase and any ad written in uppercase,
is strongly discouraged.

- Superlatives are avoided.

- Write down all the details and make sure that visitors can best identify your object.
Otherwise they will contact you by email or telephone to ask you. (Loss of time for you and the buyer)

- Do not write a novel, it must remain an ad.

- The visitor must be able to obtain a maximum of information when reading your ad, and that quickly.

More an ad is clear and precise, it has a chance to reach a deal.

And do not forget, a good deal
this is when the buyer and seller find their happiness

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